14 Top Picks for Every Proud Pakistani

Hello Pakistanis,
Since it’s 14th August in 2 days, a lot many of you are zealously decorating their homes, and preparing for special celebrations. We at Merayi are doing the same. We turn a year older this Independence Day, and are prepping for some special celebrations on 19th August at The Showcase.

In vein with all the celebrations, decorations, and Pakistani Spirit, we’ve chosen some special pieces for you that scream Pakistan. You can get them from Merayi and bring additional Pakistani spirit into your life.

Hand Doodled Map of Pakistan (Frame)

This hand doodled map of Pakistan is a gorgeous piece of patriotic art. A must have in every home/workplace. Find it Here.

The Pakistani Chai Mug

Can’t start your morning without your favourite cup of tea? Love having cups of chai throughout the day?
Then this is the perfect addition to your stash. Find it Here.

Ayat-ul-Kursi- Truck Art

This beautiful piece of handcrafted art is perfect for your home/workplace, or as a gift. Find it Here.

Hand Screen Printed Luxury Silk Scarf

Isn’t this gorgeous? We think so too. And the best part, it’s completely handmade, from the dying to the printing, and all right here in Pakistan. Get this Here.

Peshawari Qahwa (Green Tea)

Sabz Qahwa has long been an after meal staple in every Pakistani household. We’ve just brought this from the valleys of Peshawar. Find it Here.

Truck Art Bowl

Nothing beautiful for your dining room decor than this truck art painted bowl.Grab this beauty and bring desi chicness to your home. Find it Here.

Tea Coasters (Wood)

Since we so love the Paki green, how about that love being reflected on the coffee table as well in the form of these beautiful handcrafted coasters. Find the set of 6 Here.

Handcrafted Vase

Bring some Paki colour to your decor with this one of a kind hand crafted vase. Get it Here.

Pastels (Cape) Coral Green

Head out in style in this gorgeous coral green cape. Find it Here.

Travelling Pakistani – Handbag

Isn’t this the coolest arm candy? Haina? Grab this ASAP.

Mitti ke Bartan (Clay Kitchen Utensils)

The cutest toy we’ve all played with as kids. Give that little one at home, a piece of your bachpan with this. Find it Here.

Silver Studs

Some start ear studs will be a perfect addition to your jewellery stash. Find them Here.

925 Sterling Silver Studs

Aren’t these gorgeous for everyday wear or as a gift? Get the pair Here.

Truck Art Chainak – Small

Uss chai ki baat hi aur, jo Gul Khan kai chainak mai paish ki jaye. Intezar na karen, abhi len yahan se.

We hope you love our Top 14 picks for every Proud Pakistani. Wish you a very Happy Independence Day. Pakistan Zindabad!


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