Merayi is the initiative of Riffat Alam who is also behind R.A. Creationz and the Colors of Pakistan. Get to know a little bit more about her here.

Team Merayi

Riffat Alam

Riffat loves helping others and has a crazy mad love for Pakistan, both of which come together in Merayi. She believes in dreaming, loving everyone, working for the greater good, and spreading happiness. Her dreams gave birth to Merayi and she hopes to continue this journey and take Merayi forward as a strong community working for themselves and each other.
She has other successes under her name with R.A. Creationz, which is a gifting and giveaway business; and the Colors of Pakistan, which are a series of exhibitions held in Karachi(for now) and working towards bringing a positive image of Pakistan out into the world.

Anam Ashraf Ali
Marketing Manager

Anam loves everything and anything creative. She loves crafting ad slogans, copies, tag lines and layout ideas. She shares a passion for quality content and page designs. SheΒ is all about radical strategies and a hot cup of tea.

Afifa Mushtaq
Team Merayi

Afifa is a vibrant young girl with a love for Snapchat (Our increased snapchats are due to her). She loves designing, creating, and innovating. The best thing about her is that she loves Merayi and helping others immensely, making her the backbone of Team Merayi.